As a freshly established and scholarly open-access Journal, the Turkish Journal of Sense of Place and Urban Studies (TJSOP) has accepted the following policies as a manifest from the beginning of its establishment:

  • TJSOP will only review and publish high-quality original articles that will contribute to the existing literature. Other sections of the Journal, Book Reviews and Interviews will also be a part of this policy.
  • TJSOP will not be a predatory Journal that publishes low-quality research that does not contribute to academic knowledge. The Journal will strictly monitor the quality of submissions and the review process.
  • TJSOP will not publish plagiarized works, and the Journal will strictly and consistently monitor the submissions through anti-plagiarism software such as iThenticate or Turnitin.
  • The Editorial Board members will not be allowed to submit their manuscripts to the Journal throughout their membership.
  • TJSOP will not charge authors under the name of APCs or any other fees, and it will remain an open-access Journal that will encourage the free dissemination of high-quality research worldwide. The Journal will utilize this understanding of the standards and principles of DOAJ.
  • TJSOP will follow the guidelines proposed by the COPE. Ethical violations by authors, reviewers, or board members will not be allowed. In case of any breach of ethical rules, the Journal will intervene and notify the person of interest.
  • TJSOP will encourage early-career researchers to submit their manuscripts.
  • TJSOP will follow a rigorous double-blind peer review process.
  • TJSOP will represent the colors of the World in the formation of its respective boards. The Journal will not allow bias against any race, ideology, belief, or gender on the Boards.
  • TJSOP will not be biased against any race, ideology, belief, or gender for prospective authors. All researchers from all over the World will be considered equal manner.