Call for Papers No.1


Call for Papers No.1 (August 2023)

Issue Theme: Urban Studies and Sense of Place at Times of Disasters

Dear researchers,

The Turkish Journal of Sense of Place and Urban Studies (TJSOP), which is being published under the prestigious publishing house ADAMOR Society Research Center in partnership with İdealkent and the Institute of Urban Studies located in Türkiye, is pleased to announce its call for papers for its inaugural issue to be published in December 2023. As a newly established open-access interdisciplinary journal with no fees, TJSOP seeks to provide a rigorous platform for early-career researchers to disseminate their research findings. The journal’s guiding principle is “By early-career researchers, to worldwide knowledge.” To this end, the editorial team is comprised of early-career researchers, with support from an esteemed advisory board of experienced senior scholars.

Hereby, we cordially invite researchers to submit their manuscripts for consideration in the inaugural issue of the Turkish Journal of Sense of Place and Urban Studies (TJSOP). The issue’s theme is “Urban Studies and Sense of Place at Times of Disasters,” and will feature original articles and book reviews that examine the urban aspect of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and wildfires. The Journal is bilingual, and it accepts both Turkish and English submissions. The themed issue particularly welcomes submissions with an emphasis on urban sociology perspectives, sense of place applications, critical approaches, and empirical studies.

The frequency of disasters all over the world in the last few years has made it difficult to imagine our future independent of disasters and their effects. The speed and extent of urbanization across the world, on the other hand, necessitate looking at disasters through an urban lens. The last event we faced that revealed this necessity was earthquakes in southeast Türkiye. Following the devastating earthquakes that occurred in Türkiye on February 6th, 2023, which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives, numerous injuries, and displacement of people from their homes, we believe that the effects of such natural disasters are an urgent subject of academic research. Not only because the cities are where the effects of disasters are concretized but also because of the inseparability of urbanization dynamics and the effects of disasters, developing a comprehensive approach to disasters from an urban perspective is crucial. It is a crucial as well as challenging task for policymakers, academia, and researchers who have a responsibility to address social and economic problems, as well as the psychological effects of disasters while proposing their potential solutions to the problems we experience in our cities following the disasters. Therefore, TJSOP has volunteered to serve as a reference source for policymakers and scholars working on natural disasters from an urban perspective in its inaugural issue. We believe that researchers must take a step forward and express their viewpoints on these devastating incidents as disasters from an academic perspective while being guided by the communities affected by these events. This is, in a sense, an invitation to reflect on our future, which is not independent of the future of our cities.

To enhance the academic quality of our journal, we strongly believe in the contribution of research to the communities in which we live and to professional policymakers. In light of the recent massive earthquakes that struck Türkiye, we invite researchers to submit manuscripts that focus on the urban aspects of disasters, regardless of whether or not they solely utilize the concept of a sense of place. The themed issue will cover various topics related to disaster management, including but not limited to proactive management policies, the roles of local governments in disaster management, urban sociology aspects of post-disaster periods, personal experiences and survival strategies of disaster victims, internal displacement and migration from disaster zones, the local economic and socio-political impacts of disasters, public health issues following disasters, and the sense of place of disaster victims.

All submissions to TJSOP undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review process and are screened for plagiarism. There are no submission fees or Article Processing Charges (APCs) at any stage of the submission and publication process. Additionally, all published works are made freely available in an open-access format.

Please note that submissions to TJSOP can only be made through the OJS platform available at

Submission Deadline: October 30th, 2023

Publication Period: December 2023

Please refer to the website for author guidelines and the journal’s manifest. You may contact the co-editors for further queries.

The first issue of the Journal will also cover articles that are not directly devoted to this theme. We continue to accept submissions that fit our scope and aim on a yearly basis. Hence, the researchers are always welcome to submit their manuscripts to the Journal without a deadline.