About the Journal

Turkish Journal of Sense of Place and Urban Studies is a scholarly open-access Journal that promotes research utilizing the sense of place as a theoretical framework and focusing on urban studies. TJSOP is an interdisciplinary journal covering geography, sociology, political science, urban planning, architecture, and psychology.

The Journal welcomes submissions from all over the world and prioritizes submissions from early-career researchers and developing countries. The Journal accepts Turkish and English manuscripts and theoretical and empirical studies while encouraging researchers to submit their empirical research. Occasionally, the Journal publishes high-quality book reviews and interviews with distinguished researchers. By early-career researchers, to worldwide knowledge! 

For inquiries: admin@journalsenseofplace.com

The Journal's initials are TJSOP, and the abbreviated Journal title is Tur. J. Sop. Urb. St. TJSOP is being published by the ADAMOR Society Research Center and its partner organization, the Institute of Urban Studies. The Journal's ISSN Number is 2980-3721.